Email or Social Media in 2015 1

Email vs. Social Media   Like many trends in the produce industry, social media in one that has been increasingly important to doing business today.  Similar to organics, sustainability, transparency, and packaging; social media has been revolutionizing the way grocery stores, farmers, and distributors market to consumers. But what is to be said about email?  […]

email vs social media from nick q


How To Use Hashtags on Twitter

Hashtag is a term you hear quite a bit and will only continue to hear. You may be wondering, what is a hashtag? A hashtag (#) is a sign previously known to most as the pound sign that’s now used on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. When someone adds a hashtag to a […]


Public Speaking and Social Media Compared

Public Speaking vs. Social Media Do you enjoy standing up in front of a crowd and making a presentation, with all eyes and ears on you? NO!  Well, not for me anyways… I am not the type of person who wants to be the center of attention.  The fact is, most people aren’t that interested […]