How to Use Customer Insights to Succeed in B2B

How to Use Customer Insights to Succeed in B2B Ultimately, for success in B2B marketing you must have more information than your customers / prospects and be able to teach and lead them to a more advantageous position.  Showing them how the market is moving, how people are buying, and why your company is the […]

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Why should your business/brand should be on Instagram?

Are you wondering how images and short videos could enhance your brand and lead to sales?  Maybe you are wondering is Instagram is right for your business?  Or perhaps, you have a brand that you want to launch and are looking for a convenient way to share brand messaging? Thinking about Instagrm for Business? Let’s start […]

Email or Social Media in 2015 1

Email vs. Social Media   Like many trends in the produce industry, social media in one that has been increasingly important to doing business today.  Similar to organics, sustainability, transparency, and packaging; social media has been revolutionizing the way grocery stores, farmers, and distributors market to consumers. But what is to be said about email?  […]

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How To Use Hashtags on Twitter

Hashtag is a term you hear quite a bit and will only continue to hear. You may be wondering, what is a hashtag? A hashtag (#) is a sign previously known to most as the pound sign that’s now used on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. When someone adds a hashtag to a […]