8 Tips for Hosting a Twitter Chat

I have seen, and continue to see, great results from hosting and participating in Twitter Chats. That being said, I have made it my goal to participate and be as effective as possible, in every Twitter Chat I see.
As I was browsing through my Twitter feed today, the hashtag, #TheSMgirl, pops up in my feed… I have never seen this hashtag before, but seeing that I call myself the Social Media Guy, I figured I should check it out.  When I realized it was a Twitter Chat about Twitter chats, I was stoked. Here is what we covered in under an hour and should recap everything for you in less than 30 minutes. These 8 Steps to Hosting a Twitter Chat is a great place to start your first, or next, Twitter Chat.

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Cynthia (follow her here) had addressed some great questions and offered some epic Twitter Chat tips! Here is her input and some of my takeaways:

BTW…I jumped in at Q4, so that is where you will see some of my Tweets, but don’t overlook the previous three questions and tips! This is as close to a Twitter Chat Blueprint as you can get in 140 characters or less (per question)!

Q1: What is the most important thing to have before you start a Twitter chat?
Tip 1: The first step to creating a successful Twitter chat is to have a topic and stick with it!

Q2: How can a Twitter chat benefit your business?
Tip 2: A Twitter chat will give you authority on your topic and that authority will boost SEO

Q3: What should you consider when creating a hashtag for your Twitter chat? Tip 3: When thinking of topics for your Twitter chat consider 2 things: Does it fit w/your niche and what does your audience want

Q4: What should you consider when thinking of topics for your Twitter chat?
Tip 4: If you want to build a community w/your Twitter chat, create a list or a place where all chat members can find each other

@ThatsNickQ – A4: Relevant hashtags and marketing opportunity

Q5: What are some things you can do to make your chat participants feel more involved and part of a community?
Tip 5: To promote your chat, follow people who are interested in the topic and invite them!

@ThatsNickQ – A5: Reply to them. Sometime chats move too fast that particiapts dont have time to catch up or catch all the Q’s

Q6: Why is it important to remind people to use your twitter chat hashtag in their responses?
@CynthiaLive – A6: People need to use your hashtag for branding and navigation. People need to know why to attend and how to get there

Tip 6: Dont over promote! Tweet about your twitter chat 1 hour & 30 min before to give pple a reminder

Blog response A6: If your hashtag is specific enough to the chat (@CynthiaLive – your hashtag is a bit vague… I had no idea you were talking Twitter Chats) your followers are likely to pick it up once they see it a couple times.

Q7: Do you know what Social platform is right to post your adverts to?
Tip 7: Just because responses are fewer on certain topics, doesn’t mean that chat members aren’t paying attention!

Blog response: A7: I would post once per platform (FB, Pinterst, Google +, etc), the day of, and 3-4 times on Twitter no more than 3 days before.
Q8: How do you get people to attend your chat on Twitter?

@ThatsNickQ – A8: Pre promote, DM, and ask your participants to help spread the word…

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