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Social Media Marketing World – Track Schedule

First off, Thank you to Michael Stelzner and the entire Social Media Examiner team for putting on Social Media Marketing World!  This is my first year attending and I am truly excited! Leading up to the event, I have been scoping out the grounds, speaker list, and attendees list to […]


Listening Tools for Social Media

Just today, Social Media Examiner posted 5 Social Media Trends for 2014 with “Listening” noted as #1!   Do you think that’s a coincidence?  Not me… I’m sure that listening is number 1  and the reason is because, social media revolves around conversation.  If no one is listening to you, you […]



NEW FEATURE: Twitter Image Size

In early December, Twitter announced a few new features to their platform.  One of which, I am particularly excited about. It seems that as they attempt to grow their user base, they are pulling from features that are currently “working” on other platforms… Images. The Twitter’s blog, they announced; “Expand […]