Creating Content Around a Product

In a world full of tangible goods, you may struggle thinking about ways creative ways to market your products.  Creating content for tangible goods can come about in so many ways, that often you just need a list of ideas to start taking action on.  Here is a short list of types of content I have made and some ideas for you to start creating your own content:

  • The story of How the product came to be (build from necessity, inspired from mother nature, re-imagining the existing)
  • Answering FAQ’s
  • Manufacturing process or quality control process
  • Explaining some of your unique selling propositions
  • How-To’s
  • Social Proof or Consumer Reviews
  • Compare and Contrast

…and I’m sure there is a host of other options that might specifically suit your business.

Seth Godin said it best, “Instead of looking for customers to fit your product, looks for products to fit your customers.” (click here to tweet)  This is an important mindset before you even start creating content.  Always put the needs of your customer first and be a resource!

Create Content for a Product

So, what does this look like in the real world?  Similar to my post on Creating a Social Meida Campaign, here is an example of how you could create content for a niche item like, Gift Baskets

  1. Overall Goal = Increase Click Through
  2. Target = Consumers in the Pre-Purchase phase (raise awareness of a new/existing product)
  3. Research = What is the competition doing?  What are my prospects looking for?
  4. Choose Type Content = How can you fill the gap?
  5. Choose Platform = Will your content be best received on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, etc?
  6. Create!  Create Today!  Create NOW!

Question: Why is content important to your business? Tell me about the content you are creating in the comments section below!

AND…Read more about being a resource and creating content from Jay Baer’s new book Youtility


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