Internet Forums Best Practices for Marketers

Seeing that today (day I’m posting this) is “hump day,” here is a quickie for you…

Internet Forums Best Practices for Marketers is just a scratch of the surface to the detail and time that really goes into forum marketing.  At the end of the day, you just need to do it.  Sign up, spend a month reading and watching activity on the forum, then slowly see where you can start answering questions and working your way into the mix.

Top 10 Best Practices for Internet Forums:

To be effective on a forum, you need to…
1) Be of service to anyone and everyone when you can.  This doesn’t mean you are free to plug your product or service though!
2) Add value to as many conversations as you can.  This could even be a different point of view or alternative way to fix a problem.
3) Be conversational, don’t just set out to prove your point
4) Start topics that resonate with the forum and your business
5) Only self promote, if you are a paying sponsor, or when it’s part of a conversation between you and another person.
6) Always use your real name.
7) Ask questions
8) Have a signature in place that quickly and accurately describes you and your business
9) Make sure to read the rules of the forum (the FAQ section is a good resource as well)
10) Utilize PM’s (private messages) to connect with the forum members

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