Pinterest FAQ : Does Pinterest Lead to Sales?

Pinterest FAQ

In the past five years, since its inception, Pinterest has impacted the daily lives of millions, no, tens of millions of people.  From planning future vacations, to decorating rooms around the house, to last minute dinner preparation, more and more people are turning to Pinterest for inspiration.  This phenomenon shifted behaviors from gazing through brochures, flipping through magazines, and filtering through Google’s search results, to opening up an app on a smartphone/tablet and “pinning.”  So why is Pinterest so great?  Who is on Pinterst?  And, what are they up to?  The insights from this article will give you a perspective on who, what, why, when, and where “Pinners” are today.

Let’s start with some Pinterest numbers[1]:

  • Gender: 84% Female, 18% male
  • Age: 30-40 years old
  • Marital Status: Single and living alone (but changing rapidly)
  • Race: 75-80% identify themselves as white, 10% as Hispanic, 5% as African American
  • Education: About 45% have graduated college or postgraduate
  • Household size: 20% of active Pinners live alone
    • Households with 2-4 people is slightly down from 2014 but households with 5+ are slightly up from 2014
    • Active Pinners are more likely to have pets than inactive ones


How do these numbers apply to our business?  Knowing that 82%of the Pinterest demographic is female, single, span between Gen X and Millennial, and are educated gives us an audience that we are able to communicate to more effectively.  One thing to think about is; what are some of the flavors that these generations look for on a regular basis[2]?

  • Lime
  • Ginger
  • Pesto
  • Cajon
  • Miso
  • Saffron


Now, we can create content that will inspire these people to prepare more meals at home (via easy recipes and beautiful photos), give them access to these flavors, educate them on the health and nutritional aspects of what they are eating, and suggest complimentary flavors that they might enjoy.  The possibilities are endless!

How does all that work pay off, you might ask?  According to Ahalogo, Pinterest inspires action.  They state, “Almost 2/3 of active Pinners are inspired by Pinterest to try something new once a week or more,” and, “almost half have bought something new because they saw it on Pinterst.”  Wow.  Pinterest is like the ultimate influencer… except you don’t have to (but could) pay for it.

What else do we know about the typical Pinner?  They are social, mobile, collaborative, and curious.  Everything you want in a customer, right?  So, how do WE connect with them?  How do we motivate them?

One way to connect is by sharing unique and different product varieties.  Research suggests that these active Pinners perceive themselves as trend setters.  This is interesting because our most pinned product image is Cotton Candy Grapes from 3 years ago. These unique flavor combinations and unexpected crosses are at the forefront of food trends.  See here:

cotton candy grapes marketing

Additional data shows that Food & Drink is the number 2 most popular category on Pinterest, which puts us in a great place.  Also, some internal data shows that Pinterest is the number two, highest converting website traffic coming to  That means that people who visit, from Pinterest, are 11% more likely to buy than regular organic traffic.

The big takeaway here is that Pinterset is a platform that, 1) Inspires action, 2) Educates people, and 3) Leads to sales.  How can you help us make a bigger splash with Pinterest?  What kinds of in-store programs can we put together that inspire people to connect with us on Pinterest, and share our educational pieces?  Are you following us on Pinterest?  If not, go do it now, and see how Pinterest can inspire your life.


[1] 2015 Pinterest Media Consumption Report from Ahalogy

[2] – What Food They Crave


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