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Hug Your Haters by Jay Baer | Book Notes

  Customer Service is the New Marketing (Hug Your Haters book review) Using consumer complaints to drive business   This month’s article will briefly overview some of the learning’s from a book I recently read by Jay Baer, titled Hug Your Haters.  The term “hater,” in this article will refer […]

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how to manage negative feedback on social media

5 Ways to Manage Negative Feedback on Social Media

How to Manage Negative Feedback on Social Media Social media management is not for the faint-hearted. When managing a Twitter / Facebook / Instagram account with a large following, people can be ruthless and unreasonable… sometimes with good reason. Social media is rapidly becoming the place for disgruntled consumers to come […]

3 Action Steps to Know Your Audience

Building relationships and speaking to your customers, One-to-One, is the best way to get your message heard.  But, how do you build these relationships or know how to talk to your customers and prospects, “one-on-one?” Here are 3 quick steps you can take to know your audience better: Step 1: […]